Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Random Photos, Voting, Talent Show & a Swing

I never want a photo to find its final resting place in my phone. So I am dropping a few here so they can live on. They are all from random times, but too cute to delete without adding to the blog.

And these are more recent. Maisy and I voted in the Texas Primary. We waited 1.5 hours to cast our vote. It was worth it. Because you get a sticker at the end.

Maisy got a taste of fame on the morning announcements last week. Each class takes turns helping out on the school televised morning show. She got to recite the Texas Pledge. And she rocked it! 

The school talent show was Friday. Afton did a solo dance/jump rope performance. I loved that she did all her own choreography and was so confident and brave!

Maisy did a cheer and dance with her squad. They had the crowd going wild. Such a cute bunch! (Below is a pic of half her group) 

And our winter has been so warm! We spend Saturday building a tree swing, playing outside and hiking. Life is good for the Conner girls. 

Only one week left til Spring Break! 

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