Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Party Time for Our Five Year Old

There are so many things we LOVE about this girl.

She is funny, she talks like she is from New York, she is 'into fashion', she can do a cartwheel, she plays soccer because she loves to chat with her friends on the bench, she adores her big sister, she loves to cuddle, she is on an 'all carb' + chocolate diet, she can make friends with anyone, she is a little crazy....

She loves playing with dolls, her favorite show is Sophia, she has amazing hair, she is kind to all animals... I could actually go on forever.  

And now she has gone and turned 5!

We celebrated her big day with a "Frozen" party at Paradise Pond. Lots of friends and family came to have fun with the birthday girl. 

 It was the ideal set- up for these crazy kids. Lots of room to run and play. 

Plenty of time for cake and ice cream. 

And lots of presents (it was the year of the American Girl doll !) 

After the party, Annaleigh and Emmy came over to play.

It was such a great birthday!  We can't wait to see what this year holds for our Sweet Maisy Lou.

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