Friday, June 6, 2014

The End of Second Grade

seriously think this girl grew at least 3 inches this year. And beyond physical, she has blossomed intellectually. Her teacher said, 'out of everyone- I am most proud of Afton'. Between her writing, math and her uber polite manners-- Afton is an ideal student. And don't think I am biased because I am her mom :) we have a report card to prove it! 

Afton helped me make this bag for her teacher. Get ready- this generation is all about 'iPads' and technology. 

For the last day of school, In-N-Out brought their food truck and served burgers. The kids had a picnic and celebrated an awesome year.

After school, we went to a local water park with boys and girls from her second grade class. It was the perfect way to kick off Summer! 

Woohoo for summer!! 

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