Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Afton turns 8

It felt like a major day in history--- Afton turned 8! And she was ready to celebrate. Her day started with a special birthday breakfast and taking cupcakes to school. 

That evening, Afton was excited for the party to start. She couldn't to show off her new room and have three of her favorite friends over for a slumber party. 

The guests arrived and things got underway! Within the first hour, they played, jumped on the trampoline, ate pizza and went swimming. They weren't wasting any time! 

Next it was time for cake :) Afton requested a zebra cookie cake. Good choice!

And then presents. Girls this age are so sweet to each other. 

There was nail painting and then everyone snuggled into sleeping bags for the movie. And of course, they watched "Frozen". When the movie was over, they moved into Afton's room. They were in bed, quiet from 10:30pm - 7am! 

In the morning, they jumped on the trampoline and ate donuts. 

Afton was so pleased with her party---Jeff and I enjoyed it too! 

Afton at age 8...
-Loves tumbling! She has mastered her round-off back handspring on the mat. She tumbles twice a week at her gymnastics studio (and all over the furniture). She spends her 'free time' on the trampoline in the back yard. 
-Is an artist. She is a crafty, drawing, creative child. Her 'craft stash' is growing and growing. But her favorite medium is still markers and plain white paper. 
-Reads a lot. Her favorite chapter book series is "Arthur" by Mark Brown, "Ramona" by Beverly Cleary, and "Fudge" by Judy Blume. 
-Adores her little sister. They are the best of friends and can play together for hours. Barbies, dolls, crafts, dancing etc. It always starts with " Let's pretend..."
-Is athletic. She is a great bike rider, regularly rides 5 miles with me. She is also working on her running:) She's up to 1 mile! This girl loves to be active and on the move. 
-She loves her Dad and Mom. She hugs and writes us sweet notes. She loves to cuddle on the couch and in the hammock. 
-Can be a 'homebody'. She loves to be at home with her family. 
-Except for meals. She loves going out to dinner. Favorite restaurant for dinner is P.F. Changs and likes to lunch at Celebrity Cafe. 
-Is smart. She has excelled this year at school. She works so hard to do everything 'just right'. Math, reading and writing-- she gives them her best. 
-Afton is a really good, nice person. We like her a lot-- and love her even more! 

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