Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bridging to Brownies

After two years as a Daisy, Afton bridged over to Brownies! We made a few things before the ceremony-- some "brownies" to eat and a sign for the celebration.

The ceremony was held at a near-by park.

 Here is the whole 'gang'. The troop has been together for both Kindergarten and First Grade. All the moms go to the all the meetings to help out... it takes a village!

The troop leaders stood on either both sides of the bridge. Ms. Stephanie on this side and Ms. Diane on the other.

Ready to cross the bridge.

And now they are Brownies!

After the park, the girls went to Ms. Stephanie's house for dinner, dessert, playing and crafting.
Afton and I led the girls in making these 'sit-upons'. Girl Scout tradition! (Maisy helped me with the prep work a few days before the ceremony and even tried out a prototype)

I think Afton is excited to see for what new adventures await her as a Brownie!

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  1. So sweet, I love you and your dear little family:)


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