Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Best Part

The best part of being "3 Years Old" -- 
things to remember about Maisy at this age

-Maisy's favorite food is bread. Any kind of bread, including pancakes, waffles, and biscuits.
-Maisy loves her big sister and wants to do whatever she is doing.

-Maisy adores listening to loud music in the car and singing along.
-She is an avid dancer and a pretty good little cheerleader now too!

-Maisy likes to play dolls, dress-up, and princesses.
-Maisy and Afton spend a lot of time playing "Sweetie" in the backyard. 

-Maisy loves being 'big' -- sleeping in a big girl bed, putting on her own clothes, shoes, and jacket.
-She has an opinion about everything, including what she is going to wear.
-Her favorite shoes are still 'sparkly Dorothy' shoes.

-Maisy has a special fondness for Penny.
-Scary masks, Halloween decor, and spooky witches are especially frightening to Maisy this year. 
-Maisy loves to go along- she is a sweet little partner for running errands, going to the gym, and shopping.

-Maisy's favorite days are filled with trips to the park, the bounce house, and playdates with friends.

-Maisy is loving, snuggly, and sweet. She makes her entire family happy! We love this little girl!

Maisy's Stats from her Check-Up: 
Height: 37.5 inches (58%)
Weight: 30 lbs (43%)

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