Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's Still Summer!

After our big trip to Destin, it was kind of hard to come home! But with several weeks of summer still remaining, we are savoring every moment. The girls have finally started sleeping in. And since most of our activities are winding down, we have been able to take our time and move at our pace :) Some mornings, our pjs stay on for quite a while!

The garden that the girls planted has really taken off. Sunflowers and cucumbers have popped up.

We have been swimming almost every day. Even Penny has joined in on the fun.

 Afton's cheerleading started back up. I am coaching again this year and we have some sweet friends returning to the squad.

Maisy is determined to participate as well, so she put together a uniform of hand-me downs. (Aren't those the best kind?!)

One morning, Jenn, Emmie and Analeigh met us at the 'Let's Pretend Tea Parties' for cupcakes and dress-up. The girls were in heaven!

 Maisy chose one dress and wore it happily the entire time.

Afton must have tried on 10 different ensembles!

 Their personalities make me laugh.

 And since it is around the corner, we have done a little back to school shopping. Afton is really excited for 1st grade.

Miss Maisy will stay home with me for one more year. Why rush a good thing?!

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