Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break 2012

After much debate, we decided to stay home for Spring Break. Our girls are still little and playing at home along with a few outings are just perfect for this group. Afton was excited that she could sleep in and do 'whatever she wanted' for 9 whole days! So here is our week in pictures... and a few words.

 Friday- We picked Afton up at school and took the girls to see "The Lorax". This was the first movie-theater-movie that Maisy has ever sat through. A friend from Afton's school ended up being there too, so the girls got to sit together. I loved watching Afton giggle with her friend. Maisy sat on my lap and we had some good laughs too :)

Saturday- We started the day with a trip to the gym and a soccer game. The game ended up getting rained out. And then we went to a birthday party. That night, Afton got to stay up with late with Mom and Dad and watch "E.T." She was mesmerized.

Sunday- Church and played at home :) 

Monday- We walked/scooted up to Afton's school to play on her school playground. She wanted to show Maisy all the things she and her friends do during recess. That afternoon, Grammy took Afton to Sunshine Glaze for a special date.

 Tuesday- We played at home and made microwave s'mores. If you have never tried microwaving a marshmallow, then you haven't lived! Coincidentally, we also went to the dentist that day.

 Wednesday- Played with the neighbors and had more fun at the park...

Thursday- The girls have been begging to go to the "C.R. Smith" museum (thanks to an ad that runs during Curious George). It was actually pretty cool- we watched a movie on the history of aviation in real airplane seats, learned about different modes of transportation via hands-on activities, and got to see a lot of cool American Airlines memorabilia.

Friday- This was the day Afton had been most looking forward to... it was the day we went to Six Flags. It was super crowded, but they both had fun. Maisy did a great job of keeping up with the craziness. Her favorite ride was the swings. But was not a fan of getting too close to the characters. Afton's favorite ride was the Mini Mine Train (because it was a real rollercoaster). They both loved the funnel cakes.

Saturday- We celebrated Jeff's Irish heritage with a trip to Dallas. Our friends, the Woods, hosted their annual St.Paddy's Day party. It is fun to see all the kiddos playing together and having cousin Analeigh join us too!

The week was just what we all needed. I loved not having to rush around in the mornings. Relaxing in pjs, playing Barbies, and soaking up the backyard sun... it all made it kind of hard to get back to reality on Monday!

As Afton said, "I wish everyday was Spring Break!" :)

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  1. I love these pictures! Every time I look at your family blog I get more and more excited about having Wyatt. Can't wait to see you and your girls soooooooon!!! Love you!


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