Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Warm Weather

The weather this past week has been beautiful. After all of our snow and ice, we've been craving some warmth. The girls and I have been outside everyday. After school on Friday, we decided to picnic in the backyard and break into the sandbox.

 Afton loved getting her toes in the sand- pretending she was at the beach.

Maisy saying "No". Of course "No" is her favorite word at the moment :) 

Then she saw these and repeated "Eyes, eyes, eyes" over and over.

 I love this little stinker!

And my dear Afton was content to dig and dig, working away in her "Sand Bakery".

 Afton was even nice enough to make Maisy her own sandbox!

See Penny in the background? She is licking her lips because she just polished off Maisy's entire lunch. (Peanut butter jelly sandwich, puffs, and strawberries.) 

We are excited for spring in Texas! Lots of fun days ahead.

1 comment:

  1. These two darlings are the best ever and bring so much joy to this Grammy's heart! Love getting a peek into their sweet routines!


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