Thursday, January 20, 2011

Growing and Cheering

Miss Maisy had her 15 month check-up last week. She is hitting all the marks developmentally. Walking, sort of running, climbing, and talking up a storm. (mama, dada, A-ton, dogg-dogg, sheews, buh-bye, baybee etc.) Maisy also says 'tank ew' when you give her something- love a girl with manners!

Here is how she is growing: She has a 'lollipop figure' :)

Height: 31.5 inches (80th percentile)
Head: 47 cm (80th percentile)
Weight: 21.5 pounds (27th percentile)

Afton has been keeping us busy with cheerleading! She is cheering with a program called "Upwards" which is through a local church. She will be cheering for the next 9 weeks- for indoor basketball. There is a one hour practice and a one hour game each week. It is hilarious to watch these little kids.

 Afton loves cheering with the girls.

Here she is running out before the game. 

And she here she is on the right side in this pic- cheering for the basketball players as they are announced.

The "Spirit Squad" doing their 'color shout' cheer. She is one of the youngest on the squad. Such a fun, silly group of girls.  She is second from the end, on the left.

I have been doing a lot with Crafty Texas Girls (if you haven't become a follower, please do!). I am also training for the Dallas Rock 'n Roll half marathon. I haven't registered yet- because I am a bit nervous that I can actually do it. But I am up to 7 miles, so maybe when I hit 10, I'll feel confident enough :)

Jeff is working a lot and hitting the gym. He has also been mourning the end of college football. Good thing there is still the Super Bowl to look forward to.

And our Disney trip is just a few weeks away- we are counting down the days!


  1. When is the Rock n Roll marathon?? I've been looking for local one. I did one in October but want to start up again! Lemme know! :)

  2. Oh, they grow so fast... mine are 6 and 4 and it FLEW by... Adorable kiddos!
    Love the cheerleading... it's so cute to watch!! AND I love the name "Afton"...never heard it before
    KUDOS for doing the halfmarathon.. I"m still working on a 5K... so, I'm going to be watching your posts for encouragement ;)
    I'm sure you will totally ROCK it!


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