Saturday, July 17, 2010

Maisy is 9 Months Old!

Our Maisy is now 9 months old and is such a joy!

Developmentally, she has learned so much this month. Maisy can now clap her hands, pull up to stand, and do some funny imitations (click her toungue and make a 'sniffy nose'- see photo later in post.) 

Her first tooth finally came in- one of the bottom ones. She rolls from front to back and back to front. She also can sit up from laying down on her own- it looks like she is doing a 'sit-up'. Her little body is so strong. At her 9 month check-up, her doctor even said she has "great muscle tone"- ha! 

Here are her stats: 
Height 26.75 inches (24th percentile)
Weight 18 lbs 4 oz. (40th percentile)
Head 44.5 cm (67th percentile) -- Yes my baby has a big beautiful melon!

We are beginning our "Baby Signing Time" videos. I used these to teach Afton sign language and she was able to sign about 30 words by 18 months. I think Maisy will learn quickly since she has both Afton and I signing to her. (Although Afton likes to make up her own signs... you should see how she 'signs' octopus- looks like she is being attacked by a swarm of bees!) 

This month Maisy is all about her feet. She now demands to be 'finger-walked' around the house. She will throw a little fit if she doesn't get her way. I think I *may* have spoiled her just a bit!

She is wearing her Robeez to walk outside. I love these shoes, next best thing to bare feet. And she can't pull them off!

The Many Faces of Maisy
The Talking Face

The Sniffy Nose (mentioned above)

The Little Straight Mouth

The Happy Girl

Maisy's hair is always a topic of discussion when we leave the house. I am literally stopped everywhere we go so that people can comment on her hair. "Look at that hair!" they say. Today a lady even asked if I styled her hair that way (uh No!) and then if she could touch it (uh Ok?).  I never knew baby hair was so interesting!

Maisy loves to be outside. Whenever we 'finger-walk' around the house, she leads me straight to the glass door and bangs on it. So, we have been spending time outside in the mornings. It seems the only time that the heat is bearable. This gives Afton lots of time to 'roly poly' hunt again. They are ALL still named "Bella"!

This is baby Bella, see how tiny she is?

Finally a shout-out to Diana. We were in Dallas last weekend to join in on her surprise birthday party and had so much fun. I know this is going to be a great year for you, Happy Birthday Diana! 

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  1. Ok, her hair might just be the coolest thing I've ever seen! I would totally be one to ask if you styled it that way. Ha!! She looks so much like your husband. I bet you hear that a lot too!


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